Personal Statement Examples & Tips

I know you can find many places on the internet with advice on how to put together your personal statement, so I won’t be long-winded and boring. lol. Here are some very quick tips/things to keep in mind when writing your statement. What was most helpful to me was looking at other people’s personal statements, so here is mine! There is honestly no one right way to write your personal statement, but the list below contains things I believe are crucial in making your essay stand out.

Hope this is helpful!

  1. Be Authentic. This is where your audience gets to know YOU. Not your scores or your activities.
  2. Don’t rewrite your resume! You’ll make your audience fall asleep!
  3. Why this specialty?
  4. What makes you different?
  5. What is something that isn’t featured anywhere in your application?
  6. Edit several times! Leave it alone for a day or two, then come back with fresh eyes!
  7. Have people you trust review your PS! I had at least 4 different people give me advice. You may not take all of it, but I found this to be the most important part of the process.

FM Personal Statement

– Dr.Stephany Giraldo Eierle

It is my belief that the mind, body, and soul are intimately and intricately intertwined. This is more than a cliche representing a superficial devotion to holistic medicine. It is the fundamental principle upon which I base my passion for primary care. The intrinsic relationship between these elements in conjunction with my background in public health, have cultivated my desire to practice a scope of medicine that allots the opportunity to address a variety of wellness concerns, their preventative components, and the unique challenges facing diverse patient populations. 

My empathy for others arises from being born to parents who struggled through poverty and prejudice as Colombian immigrants escaping the violence of their homeland. Their sacrifices taught me at a young age the value of service, hard work, and integrity. I am endlessly grateful that I have had this model of compassion and humility in my life. No matter how difficult things became, they always found a way to help others and refused to compromise their beliefs. Their fortitude is one of the reasons that I am impelled towards a career in family medicine, where I have the opportunity to do the greatest good for the broadest spectrum of individuals. I aspire to fill the void linking those oft neglected by our healthcare system with the care they deserve and need. 

Among my most integral beliefs is the power of the healing hand. This ideal should manifest beyond a metaphor; it should be interpreted literally, as well. Both personal experience and medical literature have reinforced my affirmation of the necessity to incorporate physical touch in medical care. This fundamental truth has fostered my interest in osteopathy and my advocacy of its core principles. It is also what led me to diligently hone my osteopathic skills during a year-long osteopathic practice and principles (OPP) pre-doctoral fellowship, where I also had the opportunity to educate other students in osteopathic manual medicine (OMM). This position allowed me to treat patients in clinic and teach them simple techniques that could be used at home to magnify their healing. It was within the walls of the treatment rooms that I resolved to continue using my hands to heal. When patients left the room, I frequently witnessed not merely the mitigation of their physical ailments, but the elevation of their spirits as well. In those moments, it became apparent to me that our hands are truly powerful instruments that promote self-healing and engross patients with our love and energy.

The potential to change someone’s fortunes through the power of my hands is truly humbling; nonetheless, I recognize there are limitations. For this reason, I hope to train at an institution that uses evidence-based medicine and fosters exposure to a multitude of medical complaints and procedures. I crave to be adequately and effectively equipped, in training and resources, to handle as many of my patients’ needs as possible.

It is my hope that this statement expresses my fervent desire to practice primary care as a family physician who passionately augments traditional allopathic practices with the use of OMM and serves disadvantaged patient populations. I long  to share my message for humanism, compassion, and empathy in the healthcare system with others. No matter the venue or audience, I believe it is my calling to expand the meaning of good medicine to include mind, body, soul, and osteopathy.

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