Dr. Stephany is my way of educating, motivating, and empowering those around me.

Hi, I’m Dr. Stephany. Current Family Medicine Resident, wife to a fourth year medical student, & mother to a chihuahua. I’m a lover of puns & advocate for undeserved & vulnerable populations.

Personal Statement Examples & Tips

I know you can find many places on the internet with advice on how to put together your personal statement, so I won’t be long-winded and boring. lol. Here are some very quick tips/things to keep in mind when writing your statement. What was most helpful to me was looking at other people’s personal statements, […]

Road Map to Orthopedics

Hello!  My best friend from medical school is currently an orthopedic resident at Broward Hospital in Florida. As a way of giving back, she has given me a road map to share with you on the steps you should take if you’re considering orthopedics. Many of her recommendations also apply to other specialties, in particular […]

How to Write a Good CV for Professional School or Residency

Everyone hates writing their Curriculum Vitae but who can blame us? It’s difficult to talk about yourself, especially when your whole life you’ve been told to embrace humility- a characteristic particularly sought after in the healthcare professions. It took being paid way less than I deserved as a research coordinator, to finally realize that not […]

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